Big Mouth | The Very Best of Connie The Hormone Monstress

A source of wise advice and rage fuelled tantrums Connie is the hormone monster we all would like guiding us. Watch some of Connie the hormone monstress’ best moments from Big Mouth.


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  1. I wish I could be as confident as Connie, especially when it comes to the part of the spa song. I really hate my body because I think I’m really freaking ugly (I’m very short and very overweight). I once went to one with my mom, and I was internally screaming the entire time. Granted, she did not tell me it was a nude spa before we actually got there and got robes. She though I knew, but I really, really didn’t.

  2. So Connie convinces her female victim to change her interests, dress trashily, argue with her mum and run after guys? I’d take a pill to keep her away…

  3. I think I understand Connie’s symbolism: She starts out as a personification of Jessie’s denial. When she’s told becoming a woman can be painful at times, and she needs to get it over with, she starts thinking other women are just bad examples; that she’ll be the exception, and she’ll enjoy puberty. But eventually, their relationship becomes much more toxic. Whenever Jessie shows narcissism, a lack of empathy, or basic growing pains, she projects the blame on Connie, when really, Jessie has to accept that this lust filled demon is just an extension of her own dark side!

  4. Honestly the "I Love My Body" song speaks to a lot of girls. I tend to get self-conscious about acne, even though I don't get it often. Even my stretch marks bother me, since they're on my thighs and I'm young. The song kinda made me feel better

  5. fhdhg this show is so problematic and pedophilic i stg.. they just?? sexualize underage kids and it’s not funny or accurate

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