BF is a piggy/raunchy guy and i feel I’ve been “corrupted”. Is this normal?

My bf has more experience and is into some wild sex. That being said, that’s pretty much what I’ve experienced since dating him. Compared to how I was when I was closeted/“straight”, I was very tame and vanilla. Now I wonder if this is normal? I’m getting into more and more raunchy and hot sex. Sometimes I wonder if this a normal relationship. We’re getting our own place soon and he wants to have a nice group session to break in our bed. Shit like that. Anyone else experience that or have advice? I feel like it’s mostly his influence but part of me also feels he’s opening me up to different things I would have never done.


  1. The main question is, are you enjoying it? Vanilla or not, that’s what it comes down to. He shouldn’t be pressuring you to do stuff you’re not into.

    If you ARE into all of it, and enjoy it, then what’s the problem? Especially in the gay community, you have such a range of people, from people who are complete virgins to those who want to be fisted and gangbanged by 20 guys in a bathhouse. It’s definitely not uncommon for there to be differences in fetishes/sex in a relationship, if anything that’s more common than two guys having the exact same sexual fetishes/likes/dislikes.

    Just make sure you’re enjoying it, and be open to how you feel about it with your bf.

    Personal example (not in a relationship but with a hookup). I used to be very vanilla when it came to actually hooking up and fucking. Oral, maybe anal, but that’s it. I met one guy who was pretty chill and he wanted me to try bottoming tied up (Rope and handcuffs). Nothing extreme by any sense of the word, but something I never thought I’d do. While I’m still fairly vanilla and he’s super kinky, we make it work when we hookup every once in a while.

  2. It’s probably somewhere in the middle.

    How else does one learn what they like and don’t like. But from experience.

    As for group stuff, that really should be consensual.
    Be adults about it all. And have a proper sit down with him and vent your thoughts and feelings about it with him.

  3. I was gonna start a similar thread lol. I’ve been with my current BF for over a year and started bottoming with him with no prior anal experience. And I get off HUGELY on the “forbidden” aspect of it as well as the actual sensation. Mainly it’s because I come across very much as a “nice boy” type….boyish looking and clean shaven, slightly overweight (6’2 and 200lbs), well spoken, kind of shy and with no typical “gay” mannerisms. Not the kind of guy who loves getting on his hands and knees and taking it hard up the arse. We’re not into group sex or anything but yeah I totally get you.

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