Best songs to hookup to

I’m in a music rut and need to get some new tunes. Looking for suggestions of music to hookup to. Open to anything (not a big country fan, but I’ll try it). Also, if you just want to post some favorite music not necessarily for hooking up, that’s cool too.


  1. Some top picks from my hookup playlist:

    * Warm Water – Snakehips Remix *by BANKS*
    * Jungle *by Drake*
    * Angels *by the xx*
    * Warm on a Cold Night *by HONNE*
    * Someone that Loves you *by HONNE*
    * Yellow Flicker Beat *by Lorde*
    * Crazy in Love – From the “50 Shades” Soundtrack *by Beyonce*
    * Surefire *by John Legend*
    * The Rain *by Oh Wonder*
    * Faliingforyou *by The 1975*

    Bear in mind these are slower “moody” songs for romantic hookups/making out, not really rhythmic tunes for the more… intense moments 😏

  2. Change by Deftones. My FWB and I used to fuck to the whole Queen of Damned soundtrack and this was one of the songs that stood out for me.

  3. Sabrina Claudio- Belong To You

    Drake- Teenage Fever

    The Weeknd- Or Nah

    Bruno Mars- Old Fashioned

    Ariana Grande- Needy

    Daniel Caesar- Get You

    Rihanna- Love On The Brain

    SZA- Love Galore

    Ariana Grande ft Big Sean- Best Mistake

    Dani Leigh- Easy

    Kendrick Lamar- Love


    FINALLY A CHANCE TO SHARE MY “songs to bottom to before i die” PLAYLIST

    unfortunately im not home yet so i can do the magick i’ll need to remember to edit this in an hour

  5. Honestly, just don’t. Music is super annoying during sex. It’s cute when you’re in college but anytime after it’s just tedious.

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