Best Lesbian/Gay High School Coming-out Movies

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  1. Lol. I hope we stop associating Loving Annabelle as one of our best movies. The teacher was a pedophile. Simple as that. I surely will not want my underage daughter in that situation where she cannot give consent.

  2. (1)Pariah: haven't seen
    (2)loving annabelle:very good just didn't like the ending
    (3)blush:my feelings on this movies 😒😒😒😒
    (4)madchen in uniform:95% of vintage les movies are bad nowadays 80% of lesbian movies are bad so I guess nothing has change😞
    (5)lost and delirious: I might get hate for saying this but f**k this movie
    (6)but I'm a cheerleader: its a classic
    (7)show me love: when it comes to teenage les movies I feel like its the best
    (8)love Simon:nah I'm good your boy just gonna stick with lesbian movies

    Thx for The video

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