Berlin dark rooms and Sex Partys with (s)expert Julien

GayTV talk about Berlin dark rooms and Sex Partys with hunky Berliner and sex expert Julien.


  1. especially gays are very irresponsable and don't pay attention to their health. Their brains always think ofJUST HAVING SEX. That's the truth and nobody can deny that…what a sad trend…

  2. And people wonder why there is so much Aids and sexual transmitted diseases. Disgusting! Yes you go and every day just have a different guy. Then you turn 40  and finally realise you are still single and nobody wants you anymore! Then gay men wonder why to die alone? Life doesn't revolve around SEX ONLY guys. Get a hobby or do something good for people less fortunate than you. I guess one day when you old and dying you probably wish you had someone you could have shared your life with, instead of being old and lonely because you were only interested in flesh. So sad… such a shallow life wasted!

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