Being Gay in Gibraltar ft. MONKEYS

Welcome to part 2 of ‘3 Days, 3 Countries, 1 Gay Boy’ – a short vlog travel series exploring Gibraltar, Spain, and Morocco!

Part 1:

The Finale:

There’s a few reasons why I wanted to make this into a series, so if you’re curious, here’s why:

1. I had nearly an hour of footage and I really didn’t want it to go to waste trying to fit it all into a single video.

2. The places I’m exploring have such unique elements to them, and unlike my Spain and Portugal vlog, it just didn’t make sense trying to smash Gibraltar and, say, Morocco into the same video when they’re such incredibly different places and different experiences.

3. I’m super inspired by Shane Dawson’s recent video series, and you may even notice that the extro was a little similar to his documentary style series. Very different and much simpler, but still – he was one of my inspirations for doing it this way.

4. And finally, I’m pretty strapped on time at the moment, so splitting this into a series gave me the time to make each section good, flex my editing and artistic inclinations, and not get totally overwhelmed with life. Sadly, YouTube isn’t my day job – but if you want to help me have more time with my videos, consider supporting me on Patreon:

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  1. Yes, I really went and made a super dramatic YouTube series on my 3 day holiday! XD It feels a little silly but I'm committed to it now, and glad y'all are enjoying it – your feedback so far has really been invaluable!

    Personally I find I quite like this combination of really authentic, barely edited moments, with hyper edited, artsy sections. This project's been a great opportunity to flex my editing skills and create something useful for a portfolio et. al, whilst also giving y'all some slightly different content.

    Although saying that, I did make a few mistakes with the editing, which I've only just noticed (mostly at the end there), but ah well! It's all a learning process. Thanks so much for watching! <3

  2. Hey Bradley , did you fly into Gibraltar ? I assume you have left there by now , so I can tell you about the airport runway. It supposed to be one the most dangerous, if not the most dangerous runway to land on . It's on the side of a cliff I believe.

    Please be careful in Moraco, you won't be in Kansas anymore Dorothy…. Lol (Wizard of Oz reference) . Post your next video quickly, so I know you are ok. 😶

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