Battle of the Bulge Tour : Bastogne

Bastogne may have a history going back 1,400 years and is set in the heart of the Ardennes but the main reason for visiting it is because of the siege that took place there in 1944 – that is the reason why I visited in January 2017.

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  1. My sons and I were there for the 75th year celebrations. It was mid May and the temperatures were magnificent. The town of Bastogne and it’s citizens have never forgotten the sacrifices made by those heroes in defense of liberty. This museum and monument to those men is well worth the visit. May all those boys on both sides rest in eternal peace.

  2. 101st airborne was always trained to fight surrounded. As they went in the regular troops going out told them you will be surrounded they said so what whenever we fight were surrounded and they kept going into Bastogne That's one reason it never fell

  3. I stumbled on this monument by mistake. A cycle path runs from Houffalize to Bastogne and there it was. I was out there undertaking the LBL road race. Very moving and I thought the small glass of whiskey left by a vet was a nice touch

  4. Le front nord Belge est plus intérêssant , Bullingen Stavelot, st Vith etc…………….trop occulté par le siege de Bastogne et la trop célèbre 101 AB……………….(indian head, 82 AB, ont eu l'attaque principale..) face a des SS déterminés.

  5. Sir, you talk about the cities of La Roche and Houffalize… You said that they were not defended by allies. Do you know that they were completly destroyed by US artillery and air force? Civilians were killed by those massive bombings… for nothing! No german troops only belgians. Please don't only think to your soldiers (bravé and galant soldiers)… also think about poor people victimes of that hugly war.

  6. Alan, during the battle of the Bulge, it was much colder, -20°C and more… GI's froze to death in their foxholes. So it was not in similar conditions.

  7. Americans never after first few days were outnumbered by Germans in Bastogne. "Barely twelve thousand soldiers on the German side held eighteen thousand Americans besieged." (Christer Bergström, Ardennes 1944-45, Hitler's Winter Offensive, page 264) As always the truth is rather different than the myth.

  8. I recently watched an old tv program bout the EU from Michael Palin, doing Slovakia, Czech and East Germany.
    He also visited a fascility (I think it was in East Germany) where you can drive in Russian tanks..
    He totally sucked at it 😉

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