Battle of the Bulge 1944

Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes 1944. Documentary from Discovery Channel.

America took part in the liberation of Europe from tyranny! Never forget.

Slaget om Ardennerne 1944 med danske undertekster.


  1. What makes a truly successful historical documentary (likeTHIS ONE!) IS ALWAYS THE "POINT OF VIEW" – I.E: – it changes A DAMN LOT when you hear a face saying in 1ST PERSON: "…I watched them charging my positions…" or "…I run out of ammo, so I had to pull out my hand-gun and shoot at him…" (etc.) > RATHER THAN > "THEY had no chance" or "THEY WERE brave but their resistance was futile." etc. MEANING: YOU GOTTA LOVE documentaries that give voice (or tend to) people that were true witnesses of the unfolding events or people that at least lived during the period, rather "documentaries" where the only ones talking, are the "know-it-all&respectable" ACADEMIA-type "historians".
    Very nice, though (maybe) it would have been better, if you had left the "crocs" out! 🙂 …Thank You for uploading – thumb up & subbed! 😉

  2. The Allied generals responsible for the intelligence failures that led to this awful situation should have been lined up against a wall and shot..especially that arrogant ostrich minded Ike

  3. They were issued Pervitin. Their form of Meth. It did what it was intended to do. You can argue the morality all you want. But it allowed them to endure hardship, go without food, or sleep. And made them fearless and ruthless fighters.

  4. Yellow Bird – "America liberated Europe from tyranny! Never forget." As an American I think it's time to stop taking all the credit. We helped tremendously and did actually liberate East Asia from the Japanese but we did not liberate Europe. Russia killed or captured 90% of ALL German soldiers. The Brits and US killed or captured 10%. Most of the captured ran into our hands to avoid the Soviets. And if we liberated Europe how is it that the majority of Europe was in Soviet hands, after the war, and slaves to Russia. We liberated France and a few small countries.

  5. 6:12 – about hitler's suspicion of an intelligence leak – causing him to shut up and not reveal his plan – in fact – as told in MARCHING ORDERS by Bruce Lee (a book on the use of the decoded Japanese communications back to Tokyo) reports that decoded messages include reports based on meetings with Hitler and also with his foreign minister – on Hitler's intention to go on the offensive on the western front – the author pins the blame on failures in directing the reports to the right people plus complacency on the american military leaders – causing them to overlook the unmistakable warnings – much like they missed the warnings about Pearl Harbor

  6. Doped up soldiers is not a secret. My grandfather was in ww2 1942 to 45. Navy. His brother was army and airborne and he often said at the bulge he had been in combat before and several times he thought his m1 rifle was damaged bc he'd said I shot 1 German at 65 yards and he didn't drop so he fired 3 more times and nothing. Reloaded and by the German guy had closed the distance to about 50 yards so after releasing his m1 slide he raised his rifle and tried a head shot and the German fell instantly. After viewing the German minutes later he said he saw 4 holes in the Germans torso. So doped up o yea they were.

  7. I don't idolize these people. I learn from them. They suffered. I don't wanna suffer. Make sense? I admire everything they gave. But let's hope no one has to do it again.

  8. The greatest generation has mostly passed on, I knew and was raised by them. I long for a return of their values. To my grandfather who fought In the battle of the bulge

  9. I've often wondered about who the men were in certain (in)famous bits of footage… The guy w/ 2 girls in the Jeep w/ him at 2:55 (he reminds me of the Telly Savalas character in the Bulge movie), the guy in the burning Jeep that Kae mentions at 11:36 , or the film of the guy getting shot and hitting the sand walking up Normandy beach w/ his buddy, etc…

  10. At 12:00 an American guy says he thought the German shock /storm troops were doped up….well duh. They had great alcohol and Methedrine and Morphine & some shit like acid. Just like we did…I was a medic, in the US Army from 65-71 and I gave the LRRP's anything they wanted!

  11. In fact, already in planing the offensive the responsible German supreme-comanders Model and Rundstedt had serious doubts that the capacities of the german forces would be strong enough to reach the large scaled goals, so they tried to convince Hitler for, what they called the "small solution" that consisted in pocketing and the reconquest of Aachen, that was already taken by the 1. US-Army in October 1944. Thanks god Hitler only thought big, so the last German offensive could run out into the depth of a wide combat area instead of turning the anyhow already hardly damaged City of Aachen completely into ruins.

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