Barcelona Solo Trip | Inside the Quarantine Zone

In this video, I go over my experience during the Barcelona attacks and share what I learned from it.

Time stamps:
Before the attack: 00:22
During the attack: 1:31
Post attack events: 4:31
Takeaway Lessons: 13:40

A big THANK YOU to all who prayed for my safety, the Alternative Youth Hostel, and the Barcelona Adventist Christian Church Family!

Music by
Delon Lawrence – Fast Car
Shallou – Last Day
Fugue – Missing

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  1. Jeeze, I'm sorry you had to go through this but I think it's important that you and others share their stories. Very well made. I hope your future travels are safer and more relaxing.

  2. Heya… watched this vid last nite and could not comment on it as I fell asleep at 3 am, lol. Good and important message to not be fearing whatever they say and keep moving…. from the heart. Very much glad you got there and around safely. Beautiful you managed to capture also some of the amazing buildings… <3

  3. What a gnarly experience. Glad to see you made it out ok. We are moving to Portugal in a couple of months and will be visiting barcelona and other areas close by. Hopefully we don't have any of the issues that you experienced. Thanks for the perspective!

  4. Wow! This is like a real documentary & appreciated yr sharing👍It is definitely an experience that can't be forgotten as it happens right there & then for u. Barcelona is definitely 1of the place I would love to travel to 1day but I hv been restricting myself to travel to Europe for all this happening recently which is really is a shame…Enjoyed yr travel vlog +1sub here👋😃⭐️

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