Awkward locker room boners

How do you guys deal with getting hard in the gym locker room? Usually I’m pretty spent after a workout and remain soft, but sometimes (depending on who’s around me) I get those awkward boners that make me feel self-conscious and kinda like a creep. On the one hand it’s nobody’s business how hard other people’s dicks are, but still it feels inappropriate. What’s your strategy in those situations?


  1. Life hack: stretch. Streching will redistribute the blood in your body to the muscles and kill a boner very quickly.

  2. Use it as a lance and run towards people whilst yelling “For Renly!!!”

    Alternatively give people the cold shoulder by standing with your back towards them while getting dressed, use a towel to cover up the tower of power or use the waistband technique.

    Or assume that most people are bi and rather enjoy a peak of somebody getting excited. I do. In fact it’s infectious.

  3. Be proud of who you are and other guys find you attractive or is just sizing you up against what they have. It happens in the team locker rooms a lot of times. I used to play sports in high school

  4. Contract your leg muscles (mostly your quads) over and over. As someone said about stretching, it helps redistribute the blood from your dick to your legs

  5. Spend time on a nude beach. I used to worry about getting hardons with all the naked men around, but once I was there I kind of just got used to it. After that I only got boners on the beach when I wanted to.

    TLDR: Don’t overthink it. Most of the time people are too busy in their own world to pay attention to you.

  6. As long as you aren’t staring at people or waving it at anyone, I don’t think anyone cares

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