Avril Lavigne | Dumb Blonde | Nicki Minaj

Avril Lavigne | Dumb Blonde | Nicki Minaj

If you thought Avril Lavigne fully converted to adult contemporary after her recent single “Head Above Water,” you’re sorely mistaken. The 34-year-old Canadian just dropped a fiery new single all about proving haters wrong.

“I’m a babe / I’m a boss / And I’m makin’ this money,” she sings on the pre-chorus. “I can flip like a switch and I cut like a blade,” Lavigne confidently declares on the kiss-off anthem.

Nicki Minaj jumps on board to drop some feisty rhymes as well. Did you know the rapper was a huge fan of Avril? “If you know me, you know how long I’ve been a fan of hers,” Minaj wrote in the caption of the single’s art. “You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t hittin EVERY note on ‘I’m with you’ in the shower.”

Read below the inspiration for the track as written by Lavigne.

“The concept and idea for #DumbBlonde came to me through a situation I experienced and I brought it to @BonnieMcKee and #MitchAllan, who helped me bring it to life. I had this fucking loser in my life who was threatened by my strength, confidence and independence as a woman. I was belittled and made to feel bad for who I was: A leader, someone with a vision and opinions, someone who has strength, desire, passion and goals. Never let anyone put you down for being who you are. Stand up. Fight. Be you. Love. Be genuine. Kind. Find yourself and own it. Fuck stereotypes. If you’re a strong person and your partner can’t handle you, go find someone who has enough self-confidence and can support you and lift you up and inspire you in your life. As an equal. A friend. Not someone who needs to take you down to make themselves feel better because of their low self-esteem. Yes, women should build each other up, but so should men and women.”

Avril Lavigne & Nicki Minaj ‘Dumb Blonde’