Ass Worship (giving and/or receiving)

Who here is into ass worship? Bottom here who loves a top who takes his sweet time teasing and playing with my ass. Massage it, kiss it, eat it, toy it, fuck it, I want it all..
I wouldn’t stop there.. If the top has a nice butt I want my hands and mouth on it too. Everything about it turns me hotter than I can almost handle.

Anyone else?


  1. It’s hot as long as a guy doesn’t think that’s enough to lube me up. It drives me wild when he eats his load out of me. Then I’m so ready for round two.

  2. I’m a bottom and I have a total butt fetish. I could spend hours squeezing, biting, rimming, kissing a top’s butt. It gets me going so hard knowing I’m turning him on to slip it into mine later. My fantasy is to have one person fucking me, and one person sitting on my face. I would probably die on the spot. 🙂

  3. Dang I need me more bottoms into giving that. I’m quite a hairy guy on top of that, putting me into an even smaller niche.

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