ASMR | Reading Gay Coming Out Stories

Sorry for being away for so long! I’ve just been very caught up with school and other stuff irl. Anyways, I hope y’all enjoyed this video, it was such a mess tbh, but I had nothing else to upload so why not embarrass myself even more on the internet.

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  1. Damn I cried so hard on the story that you cried on I was like sis why am I crying so hard😫but I just wanna say to ya’ll that it is okay to cry like don’t be afraid to cry because crying is healthy and it feels good to let all the sadness out 😁

  2. I had a fight with my brother, it got physical. Our good mutual friend had told my brother, I still really wish he hadn't because I knew my brother is currently an unstable person. My parents and my brother have an extremely strained relationship. So after he was kicked out of the house, in a moment of anger and rage, he outed me to my parents. I haven't really talked to him since, even though he lives on the property. My mother, I think wants to support me but having such strong religious background she has already told me she wont accept or support me. Don t know about my father, I don't think he cares enough… I still struggle with alot of things and I dunno where to turn sometimes.

  3. I know I'm a bit late, but this was really inspiring. I'm almost 17 myself atm and only a few people know I'm not straight. Thank you for sharing your experience. I've been wanting to come out for a while now, but I'm not really sure how I wanna go about it

  4. I wish I could come out. I’m not in a safe place right now tho. My family would actually kill me 😕 If anyone wanted to give me some advice that could help out

  5. I never got to come out to my mom. At the end of my sophomore year marching season, she confronted me (because she is a 'born-again
    christian') telling me that she knows I'm gay and then gave me a 40 minute speech about how wrong it is to be gay. Literally, I will never forget that she actually said to me: "You can be as gay as you want as long as you don't act upon it." Firstly, I'm really depressed like to a point where I've done some regrettable things and this didn't help at all. After she said all of this, I called up my sister and left. I stayed the night at her house and have yet to bring it up since. Now I'm seeing a therapist who knows all about this and apparently, my mom is secretly contacting her trying to convince her to convince me to tell her. I got to come out on my own time and on my choice to my dad and two sisters though.

  6. My coming out story is basically non-existent😂 I have lived by myself since I was 18 years old so was living my bi fantasy openly among friends etc. I never really felt a need to properly come out to anybody because my whole family is super liberal and comfortable with gays. Even one of my grandmas closest friends was gay🥰 but one day I posted this lesbian meme on facebook about never knowing how to hit on girls because we tend to take everything as a friendly compliment😂 and my dad texted me saying ‘are you gay?’, I said ‘Kind of, I like guys and girls’ and he replied saying he loved me no matter what and that he was proud of me etc etc. I knew it wouldn’t have been a problem but I still have to credit him for being such an angel about it all💜

    Also thank you for sharing your story so openly🏳️‍🌈

  7. My coming out was me telling my mom I was gay and after the "night you're not" "yes I am" and then 2 minutes of silence she said "so you like dick?"

  8. I’ve never realized how emotional “coming out” stories can be. Being strait it never crossed my mind how difficult that experience would be. It’s Always nice to learn about other people’s experiences even if it’s something I can’t relate to at all and listen to good ASMR at the same time.

  9. amazing video, im a huge fan! it would mean the world to me if you replied or hearted my comment, you’re my idol! keep doing what you’re doing. you’re awesome!!♥️♥️

  10. i never really had to come out, my gay cousin outed me through jokes 😂 i was mad at first but we’re really close so i got over it quick 🌈💖

  11. I didnt do a coming out i just say to my family that i like girls too (like we says i love this series or whatever) im bi and not PROUD im mean its not a BIG things to me a straight person can love one day the same gender ( globally I don't put a label on a person we can be the person we want to be) .
    Im soo sad that the world is sometimes stupid to make someone feel bad just because she love someone (we dont kill anyone lol).

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