Ashton & Aria Get Their Passports | ®TERRELL & JARIUS – OFFICIAL

Imagine traveling the world with toddlers! 🤦🏾 What country should the whole family visit? And what are some of your tips for traveling with little ones?

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  1. Thank y'all for posting the family vids. Those are the best. Sending Positive Vibes, energy and love to the T & J fam.❤🖤💜💛💚💙😄👍👏

  2. Just found this channel. Love your intro! Its amazing that you guys yourselves made the song. Lpl i love when the baby spaced out like… "why dont you get it" look

  3. I always feel like you guys videos are NEVER long enough! I’m so interested from the intro, that I’m unaware of the time. I mean I sing the intro, then repeat you guys intro (Like, Comment, share, subscribe, and click that bell)!
    Please make longer videos???⁉️⁉️⁉️

  4. “No you don’t want to work🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣,” but Yes to the Walgreens passport photo that’s where I got mine from happy travels

  5. I've noticed that Jarius wears Falcon gear. Being from Louisiana why aren't you Saints fans.
    Coming from a fellow louisianan

  6. Great video. I've had my passport for years and I've been all over the world. Great experience. Don't just go to the normal tourist spots that's boring! Think outside the box. I've even lived in Berlin,Germany. Go to Germany a great country to visit. Italy, Spain and many others. I will be getting more pages again because I've run out of pages.

  7. I’m sure they play with each other in real life, but on camera it seems like Ashton & Aria never interact with each other

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