1. Size difference (weight/height) is a huge turn on and in my case works both ways (shorter or taller). I’ve been practicing and getting into rope work / shibari and big, strong-looking guys look extra cute when they are all trussed up – and most of the time they underestimate the strength of hemp so watching them struggle is hot.

  2. I am a tall and muscular sub bottom and I really like this. but to be fair almost everyone I meet is smaller than me, so I can’t be picky 😛

  3. I am bottoming for the first time (finally) with a Daddy Top next week. I am 6′-5″ and he is 5′-6″. He was concerned about being shorter than I. I told him it was not an issue with me. Outside the bedroom I always maintain equality though some bottoms insist on being subservient at all times. Once the door closes, I throw the “switch” and I am in command.

    I plan on being a “good boy” because that is what my Top demands. I also told him the 90% of sex is in the mind and size does not matter. He agreed and I look forward to satisfying him next week.

  4. At 159cm and 42 kilograms, I don’t really have a choice in here, haha. Most (and I’m trying not to say all) of my partners would be taller than me. My best friend is 190cm and I top him regularly – I don’t really notice particular arousal based on our size difference, though. Could be because I care about his personality too much.

  5. I’m 6’9″ (no joke) and it can be tough to find, but there are definitely tops/Doms who can handle me. Like some guys said, it’s all about attitude and confidence.

  6. One of the first boys I did Dominant roleplay with was 6’4″ , Ginger Head with a 9.5″ cock… Total bottom… It was very intimidating for a young newbie Dom…. I did okay… But it has always been a turn on

  7. Yeah, I kind of do. I also like tall women. Being 6’3, I don’t want to have to do acrobatics in order to kiss someone.

  8. Nah, if you’re more than a couple inches taller than me, we won’t be fucking. I wouldn’t be able to embrace you the way I like while boning; plus tall guys have all of these sharp angles which need to be ‘arranged’ before they can be fucked. More muscular, no problem. But, no to height.

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