1. When I imagine it while eating -like now- I find it extremely disgusting. But whenever I’m horny I can think of a million thing to do and will accept a lot of weird things when I’m steaming in bed

  2. It has to be in the right context for me. We have to be having that kind of raunchy, degrading, sluttifying scene. otherwise it doesn’t really make sense for me.

  3. I LOVE sloppy kisses with my boyfriend! The best is when he’s fucking me and he leans in and slowly drools spit in my mouth.

  4. Absolutely not.

    Edit: Also, this is much more a dom/sub thing, than a top/bottom thing. The two shouldn’t be conflated, despite the overlap.

  5. I remember one time my bf was preparing me and his mouth was open and he was excited af so little bit of his saliva leaked from his mouth (we were facing each other) and i licked it …. we both laughed and continued like nothing happened lol

    Hope you understand my eng is not that good 😂

  6. I have mixed feelings… I don’t really mind it one way or another. If my top likes it, fine, but it doesn’t do much for me. I’m always a little taken aback when they do this out of nowhere but at the same time I’d also feel kinda weird if they asked first. Although I have occasionally been annoyed by a top who kept doing it over and over again, it just felt like overkill. So I guess overall my slight preference is that they not do it at all, but I also won’t say no to it. But “can I spit on you?” feels like such a weird question when you’re already 7” up my ass or whatever

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