Am I the only one who doesn’t like guys who say they’re married and want to chat/fuck/whatever?

I don’t pick up guys on Reddit but I do chat with a lot of guys on here. What irks me most is guys who are married and want to chat and would, presumably, want to fuck. Dude, you have a wife. Go to her. You don’t feel happy? Get a divorce. Otherwise, you’re cheating. I’ve been in relationships where I’ve been betrayed and it’s the worst feeling and she didn’t even cheat on me. She just talked behind my back. If you say you’re married then I’ll cut off anything and most of the time I just refuse to message you.


  1. Nope, not at all. I hate it too. Iā€™m not a home wrecker nor am I going to be a side piece.

  2. You are projecting your totally natural feelings of relationship insecurity based on past experiences of broken trust — onto people who have totally different lives, experiences, outlooks, and relationships. That’s all. It’s just different, not necessarily wrong. Totally okay for you to not be okay with it. Similarly, your way is weird and wrong to others, and it’s fine for you, and totally okay.

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