Alright, going to vent for a second. Advice appreciated

My bf and I have been together for about 6 years.

His dick is bigger and thicker than mine (almost 8) while I’m 5″ – pretty average.

He is more sexually-inclined than I am. He can cum hands free when I fuck him and I haven’t received any complaints from him about sex.

But I am also so FUCKING self conscious that my dick isn’t as big as his. I’ve *never* bottomed for him for the entirety of our relationship, nor have I ever bottomed in general. It’s totally mental with me, self-conscious, can’t relax and have a good time, etc.

What are some good ways of getting over this? I recently got a prostate toy online from adamandeve and it comes this week so I’m going to be trying that hopefully. I’ve been on a fitness/weight loss journey and as I’m losing weight and getting more fit I feel the pull towards bottoming.

Any advice on how to get out of my head would be appreciated


  1. I would ask him what he wants, and dont worry about your dick size. As long as it can still give a prostate exam its OK. Only size queens really bitch about it, unless its too small to be felt

  2. Don’t worry, man. I’m primarily a bottom with a big dick, if I had a top doing to me what you’re doing for him, I’d be thrilled and not care one bit how much bigger I might be. Believe me, he doesn’t care either. I’ve never cum hands free with a partner, you must be doing something really right!

    Does he want to top you or do you feel you need to offer it? There are plenty of things you can do to make sure you can accommodate him for sex. Personally, I never got a lot out of prostate specific toys, tried a couple, they don’t work as well for me as an actual dick or dildo.

  3. What’s interesting to me here is that when I work out and am more in shape, my vers seesaw tips toward topping.

  4. All these comments are a lot more helpful and not really what I expected in posting this so thanks fellow gays.

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