ALL MALE, ALL NUDE. the documentary feature film on male strippers. Official Trailer.


The critically acclaimed film set in Atlanta’s gay strip club Swinging Richards.
~“sexy and illuminating”-OUT ~”a fleshy documentary”-QUEERTY ~”intriguing”-GAYTIMES ~“Hot”-EDGE ~”Gerald McCullouch is letting us peek behind the curtain”-LOGO /NewNowNext ~”See it and change your mind about male strippers forever.”-BearWorld Magazine

Journey into America’s only gay strip club located in the heart of The Bible Belt and the unique family unit it engenders.


  1. I'm not gay but an LGBT ally. ILLEGALLY uploading a whole movie in an industry that is already sidelined by society (LGBT and LGBT themed films) is not cool. As the anti-piracy notice states – "PIRACY IS NOT A VICTIMLESS CRIME". And here you are stealing/freely distributing from gay men who are gutsy enough to be and do what they do. Nice going. Really honorable. GROW UP: buy the film, pay-for-view or rent it. Do the right thing – nuke this upload.

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