Aidy Bryant Took Her Shrill Cast to an All-Nude Strip Club in Portland Like a Boss

Aidy Bryant shares a photo of her new “stalker,” and talks about mistakes she’s made learning how to be a first-time boss as a producer on her Hulu series, Shrill, like the time she took the cast to a Portland strip club.

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Aidy Bryant Took Her Shrill Cast to an All-Nude Strip Club in Portland Like a Boss



  1. JUST finished watching Season 2 of "Shrill" over this past weekend. This series is wonderfully produced, acted… and the music editing? <3

  2. "I've never been to a strip club we're in Portland that's what you do" lol I am not from Oregon but I have been to portland many times for family, and there is so many strip clubs….
    Well then may I suggest VooDoo Doughnuts? Cuz there's one open till around 2am right by a strip club and it is WEIRD.
    One girl just randomly walked up to my BOYFRIEND and offered him "services" and he was like "NOoooO " looks right at me
    …..I look at the girl …heyyyy
    she gets all shocked and was like "enjoy your doughnuts have nice night…..hahahah" girl WTF were you thinking?!

  3. She is so beautiful and intelligent and when I see a lot of her photos and videos I keep thinking about moma kas from the MoMA's and the papa's movie she looks a lot like MoMA's kas a great movie role

  4. Love the show. Love Aidy. But the clip actually highlighted Jo Firestone. Was that the intention? Sorry I'm in the middle of a nervous break down.

  5. Love her personality but I'm tired of the mainstream pushing the idea that being fat is okay. You can achieve your goals and you can be at a healthy weight.

  6. I would like it if my boss took us all out to an all-nude strip club where the vaginas are flying! Unfortunately, with feminazism and the whole "Me Too" movement and all that crap, some woman would end up crying about it and complaining to HR and claiming a "hostile work environment" and probably sue the company or get the boss fired. The prudish feminists and PC crowd suck all the fun out of life.

  7. Shrill is groundbreaking, life changing television. Thank you for doing this. I’ve watched the entire series multiple times. I can’t wait for season two. Please world, bring us more content like this. If a show like this had existed when I was 13 I cannot even imagine how different my life would have been.

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