A gay teenage girl seeks help from a therapist to come out to her family. | Alone With People

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Alone With People is used with permission from Drew Van Steenbergen. Learn more at

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When comedian Quinn Marcus was 15-years-old, she came out to her family and friends. And now that life-changing experience is serving as the inspiration for Drew Van Steenbergen’s short, “Alone With People.”

In the film, Quinn plays Andie, a high school girl growing up gay in the South. Through conversations she has with an open-minded therapist — ranging from hilarious to brutally honest — she finds the strength to come out to her friends and family in this coming-of-age, coming-of-gay story.

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A gay teenage girl seeks help from a therapist to come out to her family. | Alone With People


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  1. I like that she said she doesn't want to tell people she's gay and just wants to have a girlfriend and be happy. I think it's safe to say most LGBT people want that. I hope one day we reach a point where finding out someone is gay or trans is no more of "a thing" than finding out someone's favorite color is blue. Until then, if we want to live our lives without hiding, we often have to make it an announcement so we can figure out who is safe for us to be around and who's not.

  2. “ I dunno, I just can’t say it out loud without crying-“
    jesus, thats accurate. The feeling where you can’t actually say the words, but you want to, and you’re so sure of yourself, but you just. Can’t. Say. It. All of this is so relatable that it hurts.

  3. My mom was ecstatic when I came out as a lesbian. Don’t have to worry about p*n*ses..don’t have to worry about unplanned pregnancy!! (This was how she looked at it.) Said she knew before I did. I guess it’s a “mom thing.”
    My dad doesn’t know exactly how to be a dad most of the time so when I came out to him he tried playing the part as the “overly-supportive parent.”
    Wouldn’t stop telling me how much he loves me & always will no matter what. He ended up liking any female that I’ve dated WAY more than he’d liked any male that I had ever brought around at all.
    My grandma on the other hand? To this day she still thinks that I’m going through a phase & that I’m going to “find myself” one day & become straight all of a sudden. Asks me every now & then if I’m still a lesbian 😅

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