A closeted gay man confronts his darkest fears at a cruising area under a bridge. | Bridge

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Dan is gay, but still in the closet, furtively going to a cruising area at a park under a bridge to confront his secrets.

But then he meets a younger and more confident man named Paul in a tantalizing moment — and when he returns to his car to a note that seems to promise more, something opens up inside of him, if only just a bit.

But when he returns to the bridge the next day to find Paul, he’s confronted with an encounter that makes him realize his fears are much closer to home than he imagined.

Director Bonnie Moir and writer Benjamin Rigby conjure up a powerfully compelling story about a man essentially at cross-purposes with himself. Weighed down with secrets and desperate to both deny and express himself, Dan is a tightly coiled character, captured with deft handheld camerawork that captures the smallest subtleties of behavior.

Actors Benjamin Rigby and Nicholas Denton as Dan and Paul, respectively, are both vivid and nuanced, making the most of the economical run time with emotionally precise performances.

Dan grapples with each flicker of doubt, hope, desire and fear, managing contradictory wants and needs at every moment, and when he hits the emotional climax of the film, the ripple of revelation within him is both fleet but heartwrenching.

Quiet, spare and precise, “Bridge” is a sensitive, powerful portrait of longing. All humans long to be seen and heard fully, but this short drama illuminates the struggle that some go through to be themselves fully — sometimes to quietly devastating effect.

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A closeted gay man confronts his darkest fears at a cruising area under a bridge. | Bridge

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  1. This is a time travel short film. In the moment when this closeted gay man discovers that his father is a gay, his own existence is turned under question. And he slighty disappears in the air.

  2. Is this british feature? But it looks like somewhere in US city….or maybe this is australian? because these people speak with british accent. I'm confused

  3. We never got an owner's manual on how to properly be gay when it comes to hooking up. The awkward years when our dicks have a mind of their own. So many mind games we gay men play. 🏳️‍🌈🙈

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