7 Best Conversation Starters at Bars and Clubs

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Learn the 7 BEST conversation starters at bars and clubs. These will help you easily approach girls and start interactions.

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  2. Two more approach ideas I have that have worked for me:

    -"Can I buy you a drink?"
    It's classic, it's direct and to the point, and she is very likely to say yes because it's a free drink. It's you buying a few minutes of her time to see if there is any chemistry or anything between the two of you, this is your chance to show your fun side. This is also a good tactic to get you in the mood to socialize and you'll feel unstoppable.

    -Walk up to a group/at least 2 girls and pretend you know them and were invited. Sit down at their table or wherever and say something like "sorry I'm late guys" and just keep pretending you know them without breaking character for a bit. I recommend at least a beer and a shot before attempting this, you need total confidence to pull this off.
    This will go either two ways: they will laugh and ask who are you but will be open to you sticking around, or they will immediately be turned off and tell you to go away; if they do that then you can say something like "wow you don't know who I am?" and leave if they continue to be disinterested. I do this all the time and it's a fun way to make new friends and make you more sociable.

  3. the problem is that after you meet that girl in the club and you said these things what you mentioned in the beginning to aproach a girl and than suddenly you don't know what to say anymore.

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  5. If you are on a bar and you see a lady; you sit right next to her and after 2 minutes you say; hey i've been here for 2 minutes and my glass isn't filled yet. Then you have a laugh and the rest flows naturally

  6. Do people still try meeting people in the real world? Haha, rookies. Online dating has made it so easy to target specific demographics and personality traits that align with your own, so easy to find people with common interests that way

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