5 ‘Catfish’ Victims Who Fell For Fake Celebs | MTV Ranked

These ‘Catfish’ victims thought they were dating celebrities like Katy Perry and Bow Wow, but — surprise — they weren’t.

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  1. Forgive me for asking…six years?This Katy Perry Catfish….does a year have twelve months in America? or is there a hidden type of mental illness in that part of the world?

  2. I don't feel bad for any of these people, on any of these catfish compilations. How fucking dumb do you have to be. I only feel bad for the people who actually have social issues or problems, other than that, you have no excuse for falling for this.

  3. #2 oh honey, no one feels pity for you. no one feels sorry. you almost destroyed a man's career and basically published pornography without someone's permission. THAT you didn't even have to do. You wanted to see if she believed you but you didn't have to ask for more pictures AND post them. Everyone who knows her name, her face, now knows her body and she didn't want that. i hope she was sued separately for both parties on defamation of character, emotion distress for the girl, and blackmail for the basketball player. 1 year and nothing else (as far as i know) is probably getting off easy.

  4. None of the perpetrators have any kind of actual conscience, especially that Shelley woman. They jump ahead and use 'confession' as a kind of amour to avoid the discomfort of hearing the hurt they've caused others with their selfish, self indulgent behaviour. They are all narcisstic, pathological liars. The government needs to make serious and stiffer penalties for commiting fraud to teach these people the consequences of their behaviour.

  5. the guy who thought he was chatting with katy perry doesnt deserve any kind of compassion: he's just too stupid to survive. i understand most of the victims are rather naive, quite shy people with few troubles on making friends and stuff, maybe depressed, but enough is enough. i really can't find any excuse for him: katy perry? for six years?! WITH FUCKIN YOU????!!!

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