#3Men Coming Out Stories, Stereotypes, I never Lie, Money and Friends & More

#3Men Dustin, Wes, and Metrell come together again to chat about various topics. Things get heated on this episode, and it will have viewers wondering what the dialogue was like when the cameras turned off.

Sit back relax and get your snacks. Get into #3Men on Aconnectiontv.

“Adopting Similar Connections Despite Our Differences.”


  1. The guy on the left didnt want to talk about sexuality with this group, but went on The Lip Service Podcast (all women) which is what ultimately led me to this video. Interesting seeking how open he was with them as opposed to you two. Nonetheless, this was a good conversation. I know im some years late but that thanks for sharing!

  2. Just was suggested this old vid from your latest bout to watch! Can't wait for some Shade! Love reliving old actv moments and vids. Specially the first culture clubs all the way till now. Can't wait for more Wes! Already lovin this vid while typing! Love ya Wes!

  3. I love how Dustin tries to give off this bisexual vibe and tries to play on that I don't talk about my personal life card. DUSTIN! EVERYONE KNOWS THAT YOUR GAY! LOL. And yes! Dustin takes it up the ass for all of you wondering. Dustin uses A4A and all those other hookup sites/apps.

  4. This video had me slightly peeing my pants owing to it being HILARIOUS. I'm THRU witchy'all 3, 'cause #iCANT. Love the 3some dynamic and the chemistry though, it's like y'all were made for each other.

    Hope life's treating ya great in Florida Wes!

  5. That was very true what Dustin said atย  42:00! "People always feel like they have to figure you out. It's easier for them to deal with something that's right in their face than the unknown." So true, especially in the context in which you said it.

  6. you were all in your feelings( side eyes, unusually quiet being your own show)..but truth to be told Metrell turned up cause Dustin was there..if it was just you two…that convo wouldn't went there like that

  7. I have to say coming out can be harder than not coming out. For me, it was harder. I think since then I am totally myself but I found some people, especially male friends/family, take it as an opportunity if they happened to be "on the downlow". It was offensive to be approached in that manner when the dynamics of the relationship was never intended to be a sexual thing but they tried to make it that way just because I finally spoke up.

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