247 Degrees Fahrenheit shirtless scenes

Travis Van Winkle and Michael Copon shirtless in the film 247 Degrees Fahrenheit. The film focuses on Michael’s scenes alone shirtless and Travis doesn’t have seem that many. Both guys are really sexy and wow sweaty hot bodies. hehe Love it when Michael says “its hot”. That word definately fits in with their sexiness. Available in HD 🙂


  1. Louis.. 
    I had some free time time this morning so as I mention to you earlier this week .. I am working on the playlist.. copying it here to my new adventure.. to share with all who want to check it out.. ah.. let me thank you again for these wonderful gifts you give us.. :))

  2. Hey Josh thanks for watching and liking. This film was a good watch. The story and plot was quite simple and there was something about it that worked. Travis and Michael are in their boxers about 70% of the film and seeing their sweaty sexy bodies was a bonus 🙂 I thought there could have been more shirtless scenes of Travis alone. I've never seen the other actor before, hes quite nice looking. I agree they both hotties. I wouldn't mind being in a sauna with them two hehe.


  3. Hi this movie was simple, but really worked at the same time. If the people in the sauna fully pushed the door open, then the step ladder wouldn't have dropped jamming the door. I thought if they waited for that man with the dog to return without touching the equipment in the room, he could have saved them. But the drunk guy was bad to leave the step ladder leaning on the door. I just wished the ending was longer to see what happened after they were out the sauna.

    Thanks for watching 🙂


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