1. go onto the family computer and make a Microsoft Paint project thingy that says "I'm bi" (or whatever you identify as) and change it to the desktop wallpaper. Then have them go onto said computer. Also make sure to let them know on the image that it came from you.

  2. I just watched P!ATD Girls Girls Boys and when my mum looked at me funny I just said Dont worry mum Im a lesbian and she was just like Oookaayy when can I meet your gf? xD

  3. Or you can ask people "What's your favorite food?" and when they answer reply, (based on your gender) "Well people think I'm a sausage kind of girl but I really like tacos" or "Well people always thought I loved tacos but sausage is my favorite"

  4. Anyone else feel like god and jesus dnt give a fuck about meh bisexualality? (Or Gayness) and they are just gonna be like its watever bro chill and ill be like thanks man

  5. so the Holy Bible says a man shall not be with another man? and eating pork Β and bacon is a sin? so i take it that Asexual Amish Christians are the least sinful people on earth and the only one's that wont miss the rapture nor will ever never burn in hell

  6. Them l your parents to go a stand in front of your closet when they are they you come out of it saying "I'm coming out of the closet!" And if they don't understand it then walk away telling them to think about it

  7. my teacher n my friend know that im gay…..but my family didn't know that im gay….i don't know how n when to tell them that im gay…..can u tell me what to do

  8. I'm gay and as you said in one your other posts, you 'come out' not only to friends and family but to other people all of the time. I loved this video. Very funny

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