1. There will always be criticism of LBGc and gay pride days but the sternest critic will always be God's Word the Bible. Look at what happened to Sodom and Gomorah and then read what the apostle Paul said in the book of Roman's chapter 1 about man's fallen state and then tell me and the rest of America that homosexuality is the new norm. No, the tolerance of homosexuality is a sign of a civilization on its way out.Pray fo America! Take care.

  2. Love is love whether it would be 2guys or two women. You can be straight and still go to hell. If a guy wants to be with another guy and they're happy and love each other there's nothing wrong with that.

  3. psychology *


    No more Rift for the coming decade 😇 the tomorrow WOMEN on the coming decade* 👸👩‍🦰👧👩🧓😋, on real time👽 the real revolution equality between men😋 & women;👩‍🦰 is to have sex amongst themselves & “ a National sex party”👩‍🦰😋🍷🍷 not just a Gay Parade, 🍔women & men get to know each other’s. 🙄 after that you can claim DEMOCRACY both are equal. 🧑😋👩‍🦰Global sex party is just trial and error* The ZENITH OF PLEASURE. 😋 Pick a nation for a trial 👽

  4. Gay is wrong on all levels, no matter how you want to explain it away!!!! History repeats itself!!!! This is a fast down ward spiral!!!! Call it what you want… I don't call for violence, I call for people to open your eyes!!!! SA has enough problems and this unnatural behaviour adds to things getting out of hand. Don't even bother to respond on this comment.

  5. God is real. regardless as to whether or not you choose to believe will not change that fact. these people in their actions are fulfilling the prophecy that has already been foretold and only serves to reaffirm the faith in those of us who truly believe. We don't hate we want to save them.

  6. Blacks use the Bible to judge other people and yet the Bible hates Blacks.
    Read it from cover to cover, that book has nothing good to say about Blacks.

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