*2018* Trick to Increase Snapchat Score Fast! – (How to Increase Snapchat Score Fast!)

In today’s video, I will be showing you a trick/ HOW TO INCREASE SNAPCHAT SCORE! 2018
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About this video: In this video I will be showing you how to get a higher score on snapchat. This is kind of a snapchat glitch, but not a snapchat hack. I call it a trick as you can see in the title. All you have to do is follow some famous people on snapchat and then send a snapchat to all of them, and to yourself. Once done, you will get points for all of the famous people at once. I hope this is a helpful snapchat video, be sure to check out my other snapchat videos and instagram videos like “snapchat tips and tricks” and “how to get more instagram followers” thanks for checking the video out and i’ll see you guys in my new videos! I think this is a pretty suite trick to increase your snapchat score! how to snapchat!


  1. Better way:

    Go to search for people in SC and type in some random letters. Add a bunch of accounts with usernames like dfghhhyt, kikkikii, lkioolki, gegreert, doodod, etc. Just find a bunch of accounts with random letters and add them.

    These accounts are always inactive.

    Now you can click the middle circle button and record a VIDEO. Keep holding down the button and recording for about 1 minute straight until it stops by itself. Then click send

    Now you can select all the random letter accounts and send it to them. This will send like 6 videos at once to EACH of the accounts. So about 6 x whatever number of accounts you send it to.

    I have like 40 random letter accounts in my sc right now so every time I do this I get like 500 snapchat score instantly

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