2011 Atlanta Black Gay Pride – Annual Pool Party

Southern Xplosion Atlanta and The Lion’s Den brings you another video preview coverage from Atlanta Black Gay Pride. Friday saw the annual Pool Party sponsored by Rockstars Productions, Southern Xplosion Atlanta and The Lions Den held on the 4th floor of the Hotel Melia in Atlanta, GA. Good music, good times, hot swimwear, gorgeous guys – all making up this year’s party. Here is a short clip of what went down that evening. Video courtesy of Click Click Expose, media sponsor for Xtreme Entertainment, Inc in our media coverage of Atlanta Black Gay Pride.


  1. Your young, so you don't know any better..but try to understand that what you are saying is EXACTLY what straight & hateful people have used against Gay people to deny them their rights. Yes..there ARE Gay people who fit the stereotype of only wanting sex. Yes..there ARE White people who fit the stereotype of being racist. So what? Everybody is different..and there is NO "one way" or "right way" to live, as long as your not hurting anybody else. You be you..I'll be me..& let's respect EVERYONE.

  2. Find this so sad to hear,, I guess i,m really lucky living in the Netherlands were i enjoy a High level of Tolerance towards my gay fellow man.. A couple of weeks ago someone offended a gay man in a bar just for being gay.. Other people including my self had some words with this gentlemen that we don't tolerate this behaviour towards gay people ! Was Heart warming.. Dont loose hope my brother

  3. to the uploader…i love that last stmt u made…'' im gay and proud'' yes im gay and proud too btw love this video…its video of men who love men..i love it………………thank u uploader for showing this video

  4. lil one thats cuz all these dudes are way out of the closet, they are what u call fems and queens. and white dudes do act like this too. i dated one.but im like u tho my dude. but let them do them n u do you

  5. dude take a chill pill. this was not a serious event it was a party, a party full of young guys. They are not being stereotypical gays, they are being young man and gay or straight that's what man do. You go to a straight pool party like this and you see guys and girls acting like this wouldn't you find it odd if a pal comes across you and say "these people make straight people not proud to be straight it makes them ashamed of who they are" Wouldn't you find it weird? Don't like it don't do it.

  6. No no….don't silence people…..because sometime you reveal how ignorant people are when you let them speak. And sometimes…its good to hear others opinions, because theres always a chance to help them see things different. Some individuals really are naive, thats why the make hateful comments. Same this with racist…if you constant argue and debate back and forth, just to bring the other down, your going to make things worst.

  7. Yea, that made no sense about what he said about being ashamed…and wanting to be a gay white man. wth. Its true that gay men, are stereotypically seen as being only sexual and effeminate, but there are plenty of positive gay media out there. Its ok for straight people to do this??

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