20 Hottest News Anchors Who Will REALLY Distract You

20 good looking news reporters you can’t keep your eyes off!
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News anchors are the face of a network. They have to look visually appealing, but that doesn’t always mean that they have to be good looking. If a person can look confident on camera and be really good at digging up the facts, they can get a gig as an anchor. Yet, there are special news anchors out there who can help drive up a news station’s ratings just by gracing our TVs with their presence. Female news anchors are especially good at boosting ratings. Sure, there are male news anchors that can attract viewers too, but women are typically seen as a more valuable asset. Those who find these women attractive usually find it easier to retain the information that’s presented to them. In essence, they pay more attention. Huge surprise, right? Well, the media has gotten wind of this amazing formula, and there are thousands of news stations that use certain anchors to boost their ratings.

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  1. 20. Yanet Garcia is old hat and has left the show Hoy she joined in Mexico for three years. She was doing weather.
    18. Jenna Lee quit Fox News in 2016.
    17. Never heard of Cindy Rebano.
    16. Melissa Theuriau is old news. She first went viral in 05. She left her French network. Can't figure out for over 10 years where she went.
    15. Courtney Friel (Freel not Fryel) is at KTLA since 2013.
    11. Abby Huntsman quit The View. This video is 2 year old before Abby left Fox News.
    7. Brooke Baldwin is a kook. CNN makes her say or defend oddball things
    the rest I have seen but no comment or don't follow

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  3. I've always thought Abby was a good looking woman. After watching her on the VIEW I realized she has more beauty than brains! No disrespect. Just saying. I'd still love to hit it just once Much love Abby 😘😉😎

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