1970s London, Gay Club, LGBT Nightlife, The Embassy

From the Kinolibrary archive film collections. To order the clip clean and hi-res or to find out more visit Clip ref RN2.

INT The Embassy nightclub, club, in the kitchen, men and women getting dressed up, gay black man dressed as cowboy. Gay club. Men dancing on stage. Great shots, cabaret, dancers on stage. Man in native American headdress, bit Village People


  1. This is an excerpt from the film short "Stepping Out" which followed the weekend clubbing habits of devotees of the late 1970s London gay scene. The film accompanied the showing of "Alien" – of all things! – in London cinemas during the summer of 1979. If anyone is interested in seeing much more extensive gay club scene video footage from 1979, there is a lot in the video which accompanies the extended version of Sylvester's Mighty Real. Most of it was filmed at the two legendary gay clubs the Embassy (featured also here in this very short excerpt) and the massive club Heaven which apparently had the best sound and lightning system of any club in the world at that time. More here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oG2ixYJ79iE

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