17 gay celebrities in the closet in hollywood

17 gay celebrities in the closet
Gay Actors Who Have Yet to Admit They Are Gay
gay actors in hollywood and gay actors in the closet
Hottest Gay Male Actors
Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Gay Or Bisexual
Dealing with sexuality is hard when you are not a celebrity, but it is infinitely worse under public scrutiny. Whether these celebrities are gay or not is really their own private business, and yet there is controversy over not coming out and adding to the stigma. Here are some actors that are potentially gay but have yet to come out publicly.
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  1. first off kill the robot voice or stop making videos. if these celebrities are not gay and you're saying they are you do realize that you're subject to liable right? they could considered defamation of character. weather they are gay or not unless you're trying to date them it's really not your business

  2. I think it's no ones business on who you are having sex with and I feel that the Gay community needs to stop pointing fingers at people and trying to make people come out for those of us who may or may not be gay we have the right to live our lives in privet and leave those people who are on the a list don't need to prove what they are.

  3. I don't care what you do or with whom.  Being judged for loving is unacceptable!  They aren't hurting anyone by loving who they love.Oh and one more thing: Being gay is not a new thing.  Only in our post-Victorian society is it even an issue, and only because of the influence of religious leaders.  Prove otherwise and I'll admit to being wrong about it.

  4. If your own voice is so atrocious you don't want anyone to hear it, get someone else to read your script, this robot voice sucks.

    Also, pick up the pacing, the pauses between the items are too long. And SEEN William Scott? Next time he shows up on a list, and you use that stupid robot voice, type it in as SHAWN to prevent that mistake again.

    And, seriously, appearing in musicals makes you gay? Obvious shit for brains. Not saying that Travolta's NOT gay, but to have musicals as one of the reasons is just fucking stupid.

    And Ryan Seecrayast? How fucking incompetent are you? Dump the robot, use your own voice, or get somebody else to read the script. Seecrayast?

  5. Why are these people so bloody ignorant ?

    Nobody is Gay they are Homosexual

    This just proves my theory that AIDS is a sodomites disease 🙄

    Sodomites call themselves Gay 😝
    Gay = Got aids yet 🤔

    Why would any homo be in the closet ?
    For fk sake these people are treated like they are Gods

  6. I was 14 living in Chicago in 1980 when I 1rst seen Richard Simmons workout show, my older Sister was in the living room jumping around like a fool to his nancy-dancing Ass.. I said to her, only a "fruit loop" would act like that.. She got pissed and turned the T.V. off and went to her room.. I'm a hardcore married with children Hetero Male.. I have no time for any guy who's light in the loafers.. I have to say some of these surprised me! Kevin Spacey especially… Anybody here know who "Errol Flynn was?" This Gay Shit has been going on in Hollyweird since the beginning.. A lot of is speculation, but a lot of it's true.. Damn

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