1. Thanks for telling the truth about my country and trying to explain the persians pleasure for helping tourists hope you enjoy Iran I think people should know the difference between social media bullshit and reality

  2. you should visit iraq if you liked iran, most people would never understand how i explain my tour over seas to iraq because they imagine this terrible place, some of the best cultural experiences of my life were there.

  3. hi guys
    its time to travel this great country
    your trip will be affordable because of exchange rate💸💸
    you can travel all over Iran,stay in 5-star hotels, have delicious Iranian meals , take taxies or even rent a luxury car , buy clothes and suviniers,….. only by your pocket money (a 2-week tour almost cost less than 700-800 dollars😈)
    so we wait you😚

  4. To be honest with you all, the Iranians love Westerners, especially blondes with blue eyes; if you were from Pakistan or India, they wouldn't even bother to answer a simple question for help, sad but true.

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