10 Things NOT To Do In Jamaica

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When you book your trip to Jamaica, the odds are good that you’re headed for a spirited, but relaxing island vacation. But there’s much more to Jamaica than great music and gorgeous weather. So follow these tips to keep safe and have fun while visiting Jamaica.

1. Don’t Forget About the State Department
You should know before you travel that both s*xual as*ault and armed r*bbery are common throughout the nation, in some cases even inside gated resorts.

2. Don’t Expect Help From the Cops
The Jamaican police force is universally underpaid and understaffed. Their attention is mostly focused on more serious crime so a tourist’s stolen camera doesn’t rank high on their list of priorities.

3. Don’t Try to Get Around Without a Driver
In Jamaica, they drive on the wrong, -well, left side of the road. It can be a little perplexing, but for a small fee you can hire a driver for the day to help you get around efficiently and safely.

4. Don’t Backpack Through Jamaica
People who backpack through Jamaica essentially put a target on their back, attracting the worst of the island’s criminal element. Your best bet is to spend most of your time in highly populated areas.

5. Do Your Research
Where you spend your vacation will determine what there is to do. Love the nightlife? Then, Negril has tons of thriving hot spots. Taking your family for some fun in the sun? Montego Bay is full of family friendly resorts. Want to experience Jamaica’s inland paradise? Check out Ocho Rios.

6. Don’t Look at the Merchants
When you’re browsing at shops on the island avoid direct eye contact with the merchants. They will take it as a sign that you’re interested in buying but if you’re just looking, keep your eyes on the merchandise and not on the owner.

7. Don’t Use American Dollars
While good, old-fashioned greenbacks are welcome on the island, you should consider using the Jamaican dollar. You’ll find that you don’t have to worry about exchange rates and the locals will appreciate it.

8. Don’t Get Uptight
The entire country is filled with people who are looking on the bright side, and while they’re eager to please, they’re not in any big hurry. So, you shouldn’t be, either. No one wants to hang around with a grumpy tourist.

9. Don’t Be Afraid to Explore
There is one heck of a lot more to the island of Jamaica than just lounging on its world class beaches. There are a lot of great shopping spots and natural beauty like Dunn’s River Falls.

10. Don’t Worry About Finding a Good Beach
The best part about Jamaica is that no matter where you book your reservations Jamaica will have a pristine stretch of golden sand waiting for you. Don’t spend a ton of time trying to find “the right beach.” They’re pretty much all that beach.

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  1. Honestly I've been there twice to Sav area away from the resorts. No one bothers tourists, that's their source of income. Explore the outer areas. Plus booze is cheap as hell out in the country

  2. Umm.. I live in Jamaica.. What the hell is this guy talking about 😂😂.. This got to be sponsored by another country to drive away tourist. 😂 Jamaica is #1.. Ocho Rio's #1 place

  3. Ok so ppl when you go to America look out for the caps because they might hurt you because of how you look…… oh also watch out for ppl can’t taking stress who is killing their self or shooting up school or whatever…..oh ppl take crack there a lot it’s the norm so no weed yhhhhhhh😁 and any body can get a gun as long as your white lol……

  4. Yea thats bullshit them talking about crime against tourists all my family is from Hawaii and I grew up in florida I have a lot of Jamaican friends and them and their families told me they dont fuck with tourists because its one of their biggest sources of revenue. Their has never been a tourist killed by a jamaican in over 100 years. The only time you get fucked with is if you are on the west side of the island where all the hatians are at after dark. Hawaii is way worse when it comes to tourists and white people for real.

  5. Safest thing to do when it comes to Jamaica is to stay away and go elsewhere where it's safe,I was held at knife point just for my flip flops,and by the way this video is bollocks

  6. Idiot I'm Jamaican and i have backpacking for a long time I haven't being robbed all of what you said is tripe and sexual assault is worse in the so after all you'll be safer

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