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You guys are always asking about what you need in your closet in order to have start building a fashionable wardrobe, so here it is! Let’s start with the basics and slowly move into the attention grabbers, hero pieces of our outfits. Hope you like today’s men’s fashion video!

What I’m wearing:
Denim Jacket: All Saints
T-Shirt: All Saints
Watch: Ingersoll
Necklace: Pyrrha

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10 Things Every Man Must Have in His Closet
10 Men’s Fashion Essentials | Wardrobe Essentials for Men

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  1. Great vid, after 6 years not caring about looks, i lost weight, did my hair, bought 4 watches 2 blazers and a shitloads of shirts and t shirts. and starting to watch your vidz. Great content!! very helpfull.

  2. I agree with everything but the skinny jeans. Not all men look like good in them and many men who shouldn't wear them do lol. And for some men,​ it doesn't suit their personality and manner. You look like a fashion model in them but not everyone will. I would a add a good cologne to the list as well as there is nothing wrong with smelling great.

  3. The skinny/slim fit jean idea is easier said than done, in my opinion. I wish I could wear those, but every time I do I feel like the upper half of my shin is being suffocated or tightened a lot. I'm not even fat, but my thighs are just way bigger than my lower legs so its hard to find a nice fitting pair.

  4. Alex i saw you had a pair of primeknit stan smiths, and I have the same pair. I was wondering how you clean them, because mine are looking a bit worse for wear.
    Ps really helpful vid, keep it up

  5. Everything makes sense
    But a skinny or even slim fit jeans only fits people with legs like toothpicks, i’m in no way a big ass jock or bodybuilder,just fitness bod, but even at places like zara, almost everything is to tiny, like it’s made for stretched out guys… at 5”7 needing to buy L or XL sizes and then tailor it is bullshit

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