10 MMA Fighters Who Were Given a Title Shot AFTER LOSING (UFC)

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Video Description:
While the UFC has long held a ranking system to filter out worthy contenders, it’s safe to say that it hasn’t always relied on it as much as it should. We recently had this situation at UFC 248, where Yoel Romero was given the opportunity to fight Israel Adesanya despite losing his last two fights. And now with Jose Aldo set to challenge Henry Cejudo at UFC 250, it’s left many in the MMA community scratching their heads. So for this video, we’ll be taking a look at an exclusive group of fighters who somehow wound up getting a title shot despite coming off of a loss. Also, for this list, we won’t be featuring instances where a fighter was granted an immediate rematch. As always if you guys enjoy this video, please be sure to let me know by leaving a like and subscribing to our channel. Now without further ado, and ranked in no particular order, let’s take a look at 10 fighters who were given a title shot coming off of a loss.

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  1. Chael Sonnen and outmatched only go together in a few sentences like "Chael Sonnen outmatched his opponent" or ""Chael Sonnen has never been outmatched."

  2. Narrator, please change the cadence in which u speak. It is very annoying and made this video too hard to go thru. I actually like the content, but damn that’s one annoying narrator.

  3. My grandma watched the Yoel vs Izzy fight with me cuz she liked “Romero’s body” and at the end of the fight her exact words was “I seen better fights at the whore house” lmao

  4. You’re forgetting romeros ko of rockhold between the Whitaker fights.

    Tito won the belt after losing to frank shamrock. Then frank left the ufc, he beat wanderlei for the vacant title.

  5. Bro, Chael was mauling Silva in that match, just watch it once more. Even though he got submitted, if he had just survived that round or even lost it by a huge margin, he would have still won the fight easily. He was toying with Silva. Im not a Chael fan btw.

  6. Say what you will about Yoel being undeserving, and the fight being a snore, but damn I respect Izzy for having that attitude about being the champ, he wants to fight who HE thinks is the best, and he's the best, so he gets to call those shots.

  7. Why is it that everytime John is supposed to fight an opponent with serious one punch knockout power IE, Dan Henderson, Rumble Johnson oh, something always happens so where the fight doesn't happen?! Then it never gets rescheduled. I feel like they're protecting him, just like they're protecting Connor from Justin gaethje and Tony Ferguson

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