10 Famous Actors Who Started Out in ADULT MOVIES!

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  1. Matt, your videos are scripted, correct? As in, you write them out first, then read them in camera?
    If that's the case, I have a request. If you aren't sure how a word or name is pronounced, or haven't heard it spoken aloud before, please, PLEASE find out how it's said before you record? It's jarring when you significantly mispronounce things, especially names!
    For example, the publisher of Penthouse's last name is pronounced Goo-chi-own-ee.
    Thanks! Love your stuff!

  2. Soft core porn is a joke. The definition of pornography is a "visual depiction of a sexual act in progress." That is NOT present in soft core porn. Besides every man and woman has sex, what makes celebrities any different. Bunch of damn hypocrites if you hold this against them. It makes me like them even more!!

  3. Well, actually, prior to "Friends", Matt LeBlanc was also in the Bob Seger music video for "Night Moves"; so was Daphne Zuniga, Johnny Galecki, and Natasha Gregson Wagner (who is Natalie Wood's daughter)

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