GLAAD Hails Deadpool 2 For Gay Superhero Storyline – Joe.My.God.

Via press release:

GLAAD, the world’s largest LGBTQ media advocacy organization, today applauded 20th Century Fox for including two new LGBTQ superheroes in Deadpool 2 which is scheduled to be released nationwide on Thursday night, May 17. In the film, Negasonic Teenage Warhead (played by Brianna Hildebrand) meets a girlfriend in her fellow X-Men teammate, Yukio (Shioli Kutsuna). During the film, the two clearly state they are girlfriends, a first-of-its-kind moment in a wide release superhero film.

“20th Century Fox and Marvel have finally given countless moviegoers around the world what they’ve longed to see- LGBTQ superheroes in a relationship who protect the world together,” said Sarah Kate Ellis, GLAAD President and CEO. “Negasonic and Yukio’s storyline is a milestone in a genre that too often renders LGBTQ people invisible, and should send a message to other studios to follow this example of inclusive and smart storytelling.”

While comic books and superhero shows have seen a welcome increase in LGBTQ characters, those characters – or their LGBTQ identities – have often not yet made it to the big screen. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has included seconds-long cameos of out news anchor Thomas Roberts appearing as himself in The Avengers and Iron Man 3. DC’s Extended Universe has done the same with Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, which included cameos by out commentators.

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