ABC Reveals The Fates For Several Unscripted Series

ABC just revealed the fates for several of its unscripted series. There certainly aren’t any surprises.

Absolutely shocking to no one, the alphabet network renewed both Dancing With The Stars and The Bachelor. Each long-running reality show will now hit Season 27 and Season 23 respectively. Also receiving goods news were America’s Funniest Home Videos and Ricky Gervais’ Child Support. The former climbs to Season 29 while the later enters Season 2.

Noticeably absent are two shows that premiered last summer. The singing competition Boy Band and Battle Of The Network Stars aren’t officially canceled, but the network also has no current plans for them to return. Call it limbo hell.

American Idol, which recently premiered, will most likely return as well. While the ratings are nowhere near what the show did during its hey day on FOX, they’re decent enough. Have you checked out the revival? I did and actually quite liked it.

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