4-way gay kiss video from Brazil heats up the internet

WATCH: 4-way gay kiss video from Brazil heats up the internet

Looks…tricky | Photo: Facebook

A video of four men kissing at a party in Brazil has gone viral, amassing over 1 million views and counting.

The guys in question were partying down at the annual off-season Carnatal carnival in Natal, the capital of Rio Grande do Norte state.

Natal becomes the capital of Brazil during the event, according to its official website. The rest of the year, the capital is of course Brasilia.

The 22-clip was uploaded to Facebook on 9 December, on the page ‘Notícias No Face.’

The video is captioned ‘Veja como foi a sexta de carnatal !’, which translates to, ‘See how the sixth Carnatal was!’

The identities of the gentlemen, who were at a dance party, at present remain a mystery.

‘Bravo gay men’

The 2.8k comments range from enthused (‘omg they so sexy and cute’) to supportive (‘bravo gay men’) to homophobic (‘that is some gay shit’. Also: ‘This shit is why the aliens won’t visit us. Fucking dreadful’).

Click here for more information about Carnatal (which returns next year, from 6-9 December).

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